Hannah Ray, née Waldram, is a creative producer and visual storyteller. A journalist by training, she has more than six years’ experience working in the news and tech industry as reporter, producer, community manager, editor and creative lead. She specialises in creating and producing short-form online story experiences. Her passion is finding new ways of telling stories to connect people.

Hannah worked on Instagram’s flagship editorial team for the last three years, which pioneered approaches to storytelling through words and pictures for huge global audiences. She was the first international hire for the company, growing the Instagram community in Europe through editorial and events, and later became a lead producer on the team. Her work included launching six in-language company accounts, hiring an international community team, penning posts for the main Instagram account, leading production for Instagram’s in-app editorial, curating video channels and creating strategy for new storytelling experiences. Hannah helped launch Instagram Stories globally, and creatively produced Stories for @instagram, @instagramde, @instagramfr, @instagrames, @instagramrussia @instagramjapan and @instagrambrasil. Before Instagram, Hannah worked at the Guardian for four years in the newsroom, experimenting with new media to engage audiences. She has provided consultancy, workshops and training on building online communities, and invited to speak at conferences on short-form storytelling for social media, including the Digital Journalism World Summit, 2017.

Hannah fuels her creativity through her passion for dance, art, writing, photography and travel. She is based in southeast London, UK where she lives with her husband the artist Jonathan Ray, and is a Pilates instructor in training at Body Control Pilates (follow her training journey).