Hannah Ray Studio

About Hannah Ray: I trained in movement from the age of two, becoming proficient in classical and contemporary ballet, and later Pilates. I have a deep natural love of movement, and its power to service the body in maintaining health, fitness and wellbring.

I discovered Barre while living in Hong Kong, and fell in love with its unique marriage of dance and Pilates in a new method. I became a certified BarreAmped teacher, and I trained in Mat Pilates with the prestigious Body Control Pilates .

My classes promote a connection between the mind and body through dynamic flowing movements, leaving you feeling energised. I'm passionate about a habitual and accessible approach to fitness to promote longevity and vitality in life, and my personal workouts include dance, Pilates, yoga, cycling, home HIIT, Barre and spin.







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BarreAmped Instructor Level 1

Body Control Pilates Matwork Pilates Level 3

Body Control Pilates Association Member



About Barre: Barre is an intense full body workout with influences taken from dance and Pilates. The focus is on small, isolated movements designed to sculpt, lengthen, strengthen and tone. I teach a mixed levels class, great for beginners, with an emphasis on finding good form, control and connecting mind to body. 



*NEW! Group Mat Pilates in Canada Water*


When: Mondays, 7.30pm

Where: Dockland Settlements Centre, 400 Salter Road, SE16 5AA (map)

Level: Mixed

What to wear: Comfortable clothes you feel happy to move in

What to expect: “In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body,”—Joseph Pilates. This is Pilates for all levels, taking into account your lifestyle trying to incorporate god movement into your everyday life, you are progressed to your own body and abilities and can expect a fun class. 


DYNAMIC Pilates, Fridays at Gaia Studio

When: Sundays, 11.30am

Where: Gaia Studio, 20 Maxted Road, Peckham Rye (map)

Level: Mixed

What to wear: Form fitting clothing you can sweat and feel comfortable in. Grippy socks if you have them.

What to expect: a flowing Pilates workout, focusing on form, and working towards intermediate level.

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Barre Body at ESPH, East Dulwich. 

When: Fridays,  1pm

Where: ESPH East Dulwich, 116 Lordship Lane East Dulwich, London SE22 8HD (map)

Level: Mixed

What to wear: Form fitting clothing you can sweat and feel comfortable in. Grippy socks if you have them.

What to expect: a high intensity full body workout 


1:1 Barre or Pilates

Private lessons now available for residents in Peckham + Nunhead. Please contact me for further details. 


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