Connecting people through visual stories.

I’m a content creator and producer on paper, but I don’t just find stories, shoot photos and videos, edit, produce and write words. A deep passion for connecting people through stories drives everything I do.

My work at the Guardian on the news community team and Instagram’s flagship community team cultivated an approach to telling stories in new and experimental ways, always through a community lens, with impeccable journalistic practices. 

If you are a potential client, take a look at what I can do for you below, and then say hey!

Creative production

I produce photo and video stories for mobile, remotely, in-house or on location.

I plan editorial series and projects for social media channels; for one-pff projects, events, campaigns, exhibitions and stories. Designing new content ideas, calendars and publishing schedules, cross-functional approaches and implementing frameworks.

I collaborate with a healthy network of top influencers globally to make projects are world-class, or embed with in-house creative teams.

I’m an independent worker with initiative and drive to see through ambitious, ambiguous or experimental editorial projects from start-to-finish; including ideation, story planning, execution and post-production.

I create production systems and workflows for new editorial projects.

Visual storytelling

I shoot and edit photos and video for mobile on location.

I interview and write stories about people, projects, exhibitions for short-form editorial outputs.

I create social media content (including photos, videos + text) as well as live content from events, locations or experiences.

I experiment with new tools, understand new tricks and navigate the influencer network so you don't have to.

Community consultant





Community trainer

I provide consultancy on community and brand development, Instagram strategy, influencer events and account suite analysis.

I also can assist with hiring community staff.

I run half-day and full-day workshops on community storytelling, video shooting and producing, and Instagram storytelling for teams and employees to invigorate and train workforces