Dance Journalism

Select Reviews:

Art Wednesday (freelance contributor, 2012-2015): Arts and Culture online magazine, no longer online. Some archived reviews here.

The Guardian (select contributions from 2010-2013):

WalesOnline (dance blogger, 2008-2009). Some archived blogposts here.

Birmingham Post and Mail (dance blogger, 2008). Some archived posts here.

Select Features:

Meet The Illustrator Behind London's Pride Wall, British Vogue

Instagram Blog (writer, editor, producer, 2013-2016):

Author + editor of a new series for @instagram featuring dancers and choreographers from across the globe exploring about the emotional quality dance and performance.

Strictly Come Dancing, The Guardian (TV&Culture, blogger 2012)

Interview with Carlos Acosta, The Guardian (Cardiff Local blog, beatblogger 2010-2011)

Interview with Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Tom Rogers, (site editor 2009-2010)

Kashmir Leese on the origins of hip hop, (site editor 2009-2010)